Carpet Replacement Cost, Carpet Installation Phoenix

Why choose carpet?

At Alliance Flooring, we know that when the right carpet is installed correctly, it means high appearance level, resistance to wear-and-tear, and longevity.

Whether the classic beauty of broadloom or the modern benefits of modular tile, carpet offers a huge range of fashion options in colors and textures — and is warm, soft, reduces noise, and has safety features.

And that’s not all: carpet is relatively inexpensive and generally easier to install and replace than other floor coverings. Carpet can hide many sub-floor irregularities that hard floors won’t accept, and it can be laid over a variety of substrates and on all grade levels. That means that installation costs are generally less than for hard flooring.

Avoid landfills with our carpet reclamation services

When it’s time to replace your carpet, we’ll use a reclamation system that will yield "like new" carpet at half the cost of new merchandise. Alliance Flooring has a variety of other programs to eliminate skyrocketing landfill charges for disposal, and reduce the environmental liability of solid wastes.

Renovate, move, grow

When it’s time to set up offices in a brand-new facility, give your current location a facelift, or enlarge your quarters to accommodate additional personnel or expansion of services, call on Alliance Flooring for all your commercial flooring needs.

Ask us about recycling, reclamation, and reuse; sustainable products; maintenance; specification; and A&D consulting.

Carpet Specification and Installation

Starnet and Mannington have teamed up for the first coordinated, holistic approach to how healthcare products are designed, bundled, delivered, installed, maintained, and then sustainably removed at the end of its life cycle. This is more reliable way to meet today's needs.

Benefits of this partnership include:

A portfolio of coordinating products designed for healthcare spaces and to coordinate with other healthcare finishes being used today.

Smooth transitions between different types of flooring surfaces, because the products come from one manufacturer and are engineered to work together with in a wide array of facilities and spaces.

Purchasing, bundling and delivery through a central location. So the right products arrive at the right time, to be installed by the best in the business.

This partnership helps extend the life of your flooring, reduce waste, and keep flooring out of the landfill.

Ask us about recycling, reclamation, and reuse; sustainable products; maintenance; specification; and A&D consulting.