9 Amazing Flooring Trends to Inspire Your Upcoming Remodel

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9 Amazing Flooring Trends to Inspire Your Upcoming Remodel

Do you own a commercial building in Phoenix, Arizona? Are you planning to update its features anytime soon? Are you specifically contemplating on changing its old and dilapidated flooring?

Commercial flooring is something that every building owner should never take for granted. In fact, the commercial flooring industry in the United States will likely reach the $47 billion mark by 2025.

Such growth is a testament to their value and importance.  Another key factor is the flooring trends that shape the industry as a whole.

Keep on reading below as we tackle some of these trends that you can follow and incorporate in your building.

Flooring Trends Worth Following

Much like in residential flooring, commercial flooring also has its own sets of trends. These trends offer different levels of flexibility. They also meet companies’ demands in terms of maintenance and repair.

Let’s take a look at nine flooring trends that are worth considering.

1. Distressed Concrete

If your office’s old flooring featured boring traditional wood, zest things up by using distressed concrete flooring.  Distressed flooring goes through a process of artificial styling and aging. This process results in the flooring’s slightly worn out patina.

If you want to change your building’s look into something industrial or contemporary, distressed concrete is an excellent option to go for.

2. Graphic Tiles

Do you want to create an artistic vibe in your office? Then graphic tiles will help set the tone. Graphic tiles allow you to incorporate your custom designs on your flooring.

With a little help from advanced technology, floor manufacturers can print all sorts of images over the tiles. You can opt for tiles with a jigsaw puzzle design. You can also go for something that sports repeating patterns.

You can stick to monochromatic colors. You can also combine several ones if you want something more dynamic.

3. Luxury Vinyl 

If you want something that offers versatility in design, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are your best bet. LVT allows you to replicate the look of stone or wood. But unlike real wood or stone, they will not wear out.

It also features remarkable acoustic and thermal properties. In terms of durability, LVT also performs remarkably well. They won’t discolor nor chip.

Unlike wood flooring, LVT will not contract and expand during dry and humid seasons. Maintenance is also a breeze with LVT. They come with a protective wear layer that makes them water-resistant.

4. Carpet Tiles

Commercial carpeting will continue to make waves for the remainder of the year. Carpet tiles offer remarkable flexibility when it comes to installation and refitting. Their versatility makes them a favorite in schools, hospitals, and retail establishments.

Through pattern-matching technology, manufacturers can come up with carpet tiles that resemble the look of a broadloom carpet. Moreover, carpet tiles absorb 3 times more noise compared to hard flooring.

In addition, carpet tiles provide additional cushioning that your employees will appreciate.

5. Porcelain Tiles

If you want something that looks like mirror images of your traditional stone, marble, or wood flooring, porcelain tiles are the way to go. These tiles use digital printing technology. It mimics the look of traditional options with remarkable vividness.

In fact, you may have a hard time telling which one is porcelain if you place them side-by-side against traditional flooring. Apart from the look, porcelain tiles can also give you a feeling that is very close to the real thing.

In addition, you can incorporate the colors and designs that you want. You can also have them in various thickness levels depending on your preference. If you are running a school, you can use porcelain tiles on the underside of your soffits.

You can go for thin porcelain tiles if you want to use them on your walls.

6. Statement Textures and Colors

Gone are the days of straightforward flooring designs. Today, bold colors and textures are in. Whether it’s an office setup or in a university, using more colors will turn your spaces into instant hits.

You can use porcelain tiles or LVT as a canvass for the colors and designs you like. If you want to raise the energy, go for electric blue or hot pink tiles.

You can also install tiles sporting various shapes. Go for the triangle, plank, or hexagonal tiles in different sizes to create variation.

7. Rectangular Tiles

Rectangular tiles will also make some noise this year. They offer a boost of freshness from the traditional square tiles.

Rectangular tiles will work best in corporate buildings. They help make spaces stand out. They add more character to your property.

8. The Terrazzo

For building owners who want to achieve a modern and professional vibe, for the terrazzo tiles. Yes, these tiles are expensive compared to other the options we discussed above. But you will certainly enjoy its long-term benefits.

Terrazzo tiles offer an upscale look that is perfect for offices like law and accounting firms. They also work well in sprawling lobbies and reception areas.

You will rarely see this type of tile. So if you wish for your building to stand out, the terrazzo is your best ticket.

9. Green Alternatives

Last but not least, green alternatives will also make waves in the commercial flooring sector. More and more designers are opting for eco-friendly alternatives. This is in response to the call for sustainability.

An excellent option is vinyl tiles. In fact, these tiles will even earn you LEED points. Another is the carpet tile. Today, you can find carpet tiles that feature recyclable materials.

Let’s Get Your Flooring Right

Regardless of the flooring trends you will follow, the key is finding the right kind of tiles. You want to invest in something that best suit your requirements. Conduct your research to see which type of flooring will give you the best value for money.

If you can’t seem to find your way, we can help you find the right flooring for home in Phoenix, Arizona. We offer a wide range of commercial flooring options for different buildings. We cater to schools, offices, hospitals, and sports facilities, among others.

Send us a message and let us know what you need. Request a quote and let’s discuss your options, today!

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