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Rubber tiles and sheet goods are made from synthetic rubber, and come in ribbed, coin, or other raised patterns in a wide range of colors and styles. The “green” aspects of rubber include that it contains no PVCs and can be easily recycled. In fact, some rubber flooring materials are made by reclaiming our mountains of used automobile tires. Rubber is among the most cost-efficient materials for commercial flooring. It is extremely durable, fire code compliant, resists dents and stains, is quiet to walk on, and has a unique softness that gives ergonomic comfort, slip resistance, and noise absorption / sound deadening.

Natural, sustainable, unharmed

Discovered by Christopher Columbus in the late Fourteenth Century, rubber is an environmentally-friendly, sustainable material that is made from the sap-like extract (latex) harvested from the Hevea tree, commonly known as rubber trees. Along with providing raw rubber, the Hevea trees remove carbon dioxide from the air, providing a cleaner environment. The extraction process, called “tapping”, is similar to the collection of maple tree sap where a bucket is used to collect the flow of latex from the rubber tree. The entire flow process takes about two days. On average, a tapper can tap up to 440 trees a day, with no damage to the tree itself, a 100% sustainable method.

Solid, resistant, long-lasting

With the advent of vulcanization, a process by which polymer molecules are linked to each other, rubber has become a much more resilient, hygienic, and long-lasting flooring alternative like no other due to its extreme strength and comfort. Rubber achieves the best life cycle cost of any floor covering.

Multi-use, comfortable, clean

The benefits of rubber are numerous:

  • Chemical Resistance
  • Infection Control
  • Low Maintenance
  • Slip Resistance
  • Stain resistant
  • Optimal Acoustics
  • Resilience

Rubber contains no off-gassing, VOCs, or harmful components and eliminates the need for disinfectants or coatings, such as wax.

The comfort of rubber is extremely beneficial in the healthcare and athletic markets, where the reduction in strain and fatigue is imperative. Across other markets such as education, commercial, and manufacturing, rubber proves to be an excellent choice in flooring.

When evaluated based on its durability, minimal maintenance requirements, good wear resistance, and length of life cycle, rubber offers a low-cost alternative to many other flooring options over the long term.

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