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Our company motto is to do whatever it takes to make sure our projects get installed correctly the first time. With a cumulative work experience we have the expertise to help you avoid mistakes that other less experienced salespeople may miss. On top of that, we offer four primary reasons why you should work with us and they are central to our mission of putting the customer first — communication, problem-solving, error-free installations, and a double guarantee.

You can certainly do that but there are reasons why you should entrust your project with a professional.

1. The material is extremely heavy and bulky. We employ the use of pallet jacks, fork lifts, and the like to manage the materials.

2. Flooring installation is a system where proper floor preparation techniques and products are married with the correct adhesives.

3. Different products require different waste factors and cutting factors. The chances that you will not buy enough or have too much material may be an issue.

4. If there is a problem with the product, you have to recognize the issue before you install the material or the manufacturer may not honor the claim. We have relationships with the manufacturers who often go over and above to satisfy the issues.

A carpet store is a great place to look at large samples of flooring for a residential project. The main street flooring dealer does some residential and smaller commercial fit outs. The commercial flooring contractor has to be concerned about such things as MSDS sheets, job hazard analysis, and attending weekly job meetings for projects that are many months in duration. There is a focus on industrial and construction projects.

The process begins with the client contacting Alliance Floor Covering for an estimate. If you have blueprints for your project, fill out a contractor application request. We will make an appointment either in person or virtually to talk about the project and look at the various areas that need flooring. We will then go to the site, take field measurements, look at the existing flooring conditions, and take pictures. We can then insert flooring options into your space to show you how a product may look. We would then order large samples and will send them to your office for review. Upon approval of your new look we can put together a detailed estimate for your review.

Rooms with higher traffic areas should be implemented with commercial grade carpet that is designed for higher resistance and durability. A luxurious, soft carpet is perfect for bedrooms and areas with less foot traffic. Always think about the room’s usage to determine the correct carpet!

Installers provide the know-how, the equipment, and the muscle;you provide the power. Installers will need to use your power for their electrical tools, and they will typically use such areas as porches or patios to store equipment.

All floor coverings, including carpet, need to be installed over a structurally sound and properly installed subfloor. Any wood that has been damaged by insects, water, or other factors should be repaired prior to carpet installation.

It may be necessary to remove moldings and reattach them during installation. Because some moldings, particularly quarter round, are fragile, breakage could occur. If it does, you will be responsible for replacing them. Scratches or nicks to baseboards are also a possibility, and you will be responsible for the touchups. Shaw’s revolutionary soft carpet backing, SoftBac, virtually eliminates damage to walls and baseboards during installation.

Yes, engineered hardwood floors function like natural wood floors and can be refinished as well. With a thicker veneer, you should be able to refinish your engineered floor one to three times.

In most cases flooring is provided along with the installation. All materials are supplied as indicated on a established quote. Installers will need to use your power for their electrical tools, and they will typically use secure areas or lockers to store equipment

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