Luxury Vinyl Plank

Luxury Vinyl Tile

With luxury vinyl tiles, you can enjoy the rich, natural visuals of stone, porcelain, and ceramic without the messy installation and cost. Vinyl tiles utilize a high-definition image layer and special embossing techniques to deliver the authentic appearance and feel of real floors in a synthetic form. While natural tile and stone are exceptionally durable floors, over time, they can crack and chip. Step out onto an older tile floor and you may notice this. With luxury vinyl tiles, the synthetic material has more flexibility and is less likely to crack or dent over the years, even with heavy foot traffic. Each vinyl tile also has a thick wear layer at the surface that’s urethane-based and unbelievably tough. You can have pet claws, dragged furniture, dropped plates, and other wear and tear happen to this floor, and it will still look brand new. Vinyl tiles are also softer underfoot and help add insulation and noise control to your commercial space.