Warm Weather Factors That Can Threaten Your Commercial Flooring

Sun Damage, Moisture + Humidity, Dirt, Mud + Sand Tracking, and Water Damage

What You Can Do to Protect Against Them?

Finally! Warmer days are just around the corner, but with all that sun and heat, businesses often forget that some aspects of spring and summer can pose serious harm to their company’s flooring. The bad news is that almost all flooring types have wear and tear risks associated with warmer weather. 


The good news? Alliance Floor Covering  has you covered, giving you all of the industry tips you need to protect your commercial flooring as temperatures heat up.

1. Sun Damage

Bright, sunny days are a staple for spring and summer but can be harmful to your floors. Over time, UV rays can cause discoloration, which makes the product look dated and dingy. This is especially true for hardwood floors, where the issue can become visually unattractive and pricey to fix.


How to protect your floors?

Adequate window treatments can be an excellent tool in combating UV damage. Curtains and shades are the most ideal, but if you prefer to allow natural light flow throughout the day, then placing a UV protection film over your windows will help filter the sunlight. Investing in a sun-protective sealant can also provide another layer of protection.

2. Moisture + Humidity

As our fellow east-coasters know, humidity levels in the summer can get extremely high. If you have engineered hardwood floors, this can be a recipe for disaster, causing bowing and buckling all season long.


How to protect your floors?

A dehumidifier can be a big help in cases where there is excess moisture which will prevent minor bowing. However, the best way to protect your commercial flooring is with the proper initial installation. Your flooring provider should account for the inevitable expansion that happens with humidity, and position your engineered hardwood flooring accordingly. 


If you need quality installation, our professionals at Alliance Floor Covering have the necessary skills to ensure that your engineered hardwoods are installed to last.

3. Dirt, Mud + Sand Tracking

When the ground outside begins to soften, the chances of dirt and mud sticking to a customer’s shoe becomes more probable. Once the summer rolls around, more and more customers may be coming from the beach right to your business, making for messy and potentially scratched flooring from these outdoor particles.


How to protect your floors?

In solid surface flooring cases, the best way to fight off dirt and debris is to place doormats in front of all your business entrances. Second, make sure to clean the floors regularly with a cleaning method suitable for your flooring. In carpeted facilities, dirt may be a more significant issue since it leaves the product looking drab and soiled over time. Be sure to clean carpet messes promptly since the longer a dirt stain sits, the harder it is to remove it, and be sure to schedule cleanings based upon your needs and the traffic flow through your space.

4. Water Damage

Rainy days, leaking air conditioners, and ice-cold drinks spilling onto your floors can all cause water damage over time and make for expensive repairs. The greatest risk is with hardwood and engineered hardwood floors, but laminate, carpet, and even tile can become blemished and stained from water just as easily.


How to protect your floors?

There is no surefire way to protect your floors from water damage completely, but there are steps you can take to minimize damage. For hardwood and engineered hardwood flooring, a sealant like wax or polyurethane can add another layer between your floors and any water they come in contact with. For carpeting, keeping doormats at entrances will again remind customers to wipe wet shoes before entering the facility. As for tile, dirty water can stain the grout, so frequent cleaning is required to maintain its freshness.


No matter what is thrown at your commercial flooring during these warmer seasons, these tips can help preserve and protect them. Does your business need floors that can withstand the elements this season? Our experts at Alliance Floor Covering are here to help find the perfect flooring solution for your facility!