Commercial Carpet Installation services in Phoenix, AZ

Commercial Carpet Installation services in Phoenix, AZ


Because of their proven effectiveness in a wide range of applications from education to hospitality to retail and beyond, broadloom and carpet tiles are specified more than any other commercial flooring material. Carpets are among of the most artistically diverse and high-performing flooring materials on the market today, which is why they account for 45.4 percent of the total flooring market in the United States.

While we offer commercial carpet installation services across the country, our primary goal is to assist you in selecting the flooring that will deliver the most long-term value for your application. This website will walk you through all of the design, price, and installation factors to consider before buying carpet for your business.

Please contact us if you have any concerns or would need specialized assistance in selecting the appropriate material for your facility!


Carpet is a wise investment for a number of reasons: it reduces noise by a factor of ten, it outperforms other flooring materials in terms of lifespan costs, and the design options available today are almost endless.

We provide a wide choice of carpet types, from carpet tile and broadloom to walk-off and static dissipative, to blend effortlessly with the design aesthetics of any room. Because the floor is the focal point of any space, it’s critical to have one that looks nice while still being useful.

  • Broadloom designs range from single colored to mosaic
  • Carpet tiles can be traditionally square or uniquely shaped
  • Carpet facing can be made from nylon, polypropylene, polyester, wool, acrylic or cotton options


If you’re attempting to figure out if commercial carpet is the best flooring option for your business or upcoming project, you’ll need to examine your alternatives carefully. Before investing in carpet, it’s critical to think about material prices, labor expenses, design preferences, performance expectations, and other facility-specific factors.

That’s why we look at more than just the upfront expenses of supplies and commercial carpet installation in our estimates. We offer full life cycle costing to assist you in determining not just short-term but also long-term costs, as well as recommending the best-value items for your application.

  • We help determine how long different materials will last
  • We provide independent, unbiased estimates of projected maintenance costs
  • Our knowledge and experience yield savings during installation and over the life of your floor
  • We incorporate value-engineering and life cycle costing



Our experienced team coordinates material procurement so you’re never waiting on a specialty floor, and we can find time-sensitive material alternatives that speed up projects.

  • We have a highly trained, experienced staff
  • Spectra will train specifically for your project if your materials require unique procedures
  • Our installations are well-managed and clean

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