Commercial Vynil & Rubber Flooring for high traffic areas

Commercial Vynil & Rubber Flooring for high traffic areas

Resilient Flooring options are relatively inexpensive to install and maintain, saving you time and money. We represent a huge variety of flooring varieties, from vynil, rubber to linoleum and cork.

We have resilient industrial flooring options perfect for high traffic areas like schools, churches, retail stores, warehouses, break rooms, and more. Our team of factory-trained installers have expertise in properly installing all types of resilient flooring, including covering up the walls and heat welding the seams.

Vinyl flooring: as vinyl composition tile (VCT) or sheet vinyl, is offered in a wide array of colors, is extremely versatile, and, if you choose tiles, spares can replace worn or damaged areas.

While it’s true that vinyl flooring typically has a lower initial cost than other resilient materials like rubber, its maintenance requirements may result in higher total life-cycle costs. Under heavy use, vinyl is not as durable as rubber flooring.

Rubber tiles and sheet goods: are made from synthetic rubber, and come in ribbed, coin, or other raised patterns in a wide range of colors and styles. The “green” aspects of rubber include that it contains no PVCs and can be easily recycled. In fact, some rubber flooring materials are made by reclaiming our mountains of used automobiles tires.

For environmentally friendly resilient floor choices, think about …

Linoleum: is made entirely of renewable raw materials: linseed oil, cork powders, tree resin, wood flour, and clay pigments, with jute backing.

Linoleum is relatively easy to maintain and gives you a quiet, warm, cushioned surface underfoot. With its lengthy lifecycle, inherent coloration, and durability, linoleum presents a excellent floor for many environments.

Cork: is a pure, natural material that does not out-gas or shed micro-fibers — wonderful for your indoor air quality. It comes from a tree whose bark splits naturally every 9 to 15 years and can be safely harvested, causing no harm to the tree.

Cork flooring is not only warm to walk on and extremely quiet, with natural sound-absorbing qualities, but also hypoallergenic and naturally resistant to mold and mildew. Installation is similar to that of hardwood flooring, and cork flooring can be finished off with urethane, vinyl, wax, or oil.

Our wide selection of commercial vinyl flooring guarantees you will find an appealing, yet durable flooring, no matter what traffic your business will bring. And our non-union labor is on average 40% less, giving you huge savings. Request a quote on our commercial vinyl flooring today!

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