The Versatility of Tile: How to Use Tile in Your Next Commercial Flooring Project

The Versatility of Tile: How to Use Tile in Your Next Commercial Flooring Project


When thinking about tile in a commercial space, warm, chic, and aesthetically pleasing may not be words that come to mind. Tile is often reserved for bathroom and kitchen areas due to its low maintenance and easy-to-clean nature, and it has a bad reputation for being purely functional without much flare.

As the cost of wood continues to rise, business owners and contractors are looking towards alternative flooring options to carry out their vision for commercial spaces. Due to this, tile is starting to be seen in a different light. Yet, there are many kinds of tiles, and it can be hard to determine which is suitable for your project. So, today, we’re breaking down the many types of tile and their uses.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is renowned for its durability. For this reason, it’s most commonly used in coastal climates since salt air and humidity can warp and erode other materials like wood. It may be cold compared to different flooring types, but it can certainly look like its pricier competitors with some flooring ingenuity. The possibilities are seemingly endless with ceramic tile as it can be engineered to look like hardwood, stone, and many other materials. For instance, if you want the look of hardwood without the added maintenance, ceramic tile may be your answer.

Porcelain Tile

Often thought to be interchangeable with ceramic, porcelain tile is another option for reliable commercial flooring. In fact, it is considered the more desirable of the two and is now a primary choice for commercial spaces. While ceramic tile is very water-resistant, porcelain is even more so since it is fired at a higher kiln temperature, making the material less prone to moisture absorption. Its water resistance factors also make it a premier candidate for outdoor spaces. Porcelain can also be cut and customized to anyone’s taste and style preference just like ceramic.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Compared to ceramic or porcelain, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is less complicated to install therefore less expensive. Tile, in general, can feel like entering a binding contract due to installation complexities and prices, so if the flooring goes out of style, then you’re out of luck. LVT is a happy medium since it offers the same durability and versatility without the challenging installation. LVT can be made to look like marble, hardwood, stone, and many other more expensive materials.

No matter the tile you choose, our team at Alliance Floor Covering is here to help! We can help you pick out the perfect tile flooring for your commercial space, and our expert installers make the process efficient and straightforward.

Do you want to use tile for your next commercial construction project? Contact our team today!

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